IkkJutt Jammu, Panun Kashmir for immediately shifting for Hindu employees in Kashmir to Jammu

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Jammu, June 2 (UNI) IkkJutt Jammu and Panun Kashmir on Thursday demanded immediate shifting of Hindu employees working in the Kashmir Valley to the Jammu region.
In a joint statement issued by Ankur Sharma, President Ikkjutt Jammu and Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir sought that Hindu employees of Kashmir should be immediately shifted to safety in Jammu.
“We have once again witnessed the bone chilling 11th genocidal killing in the last nine months of one more Hindu employee Vijay Kumar working in a Bank at Kulgam,” the statement said.
It further read that the Genocidal project of Islamists is on, whereas Government of India continues to be in its ruthless denial. Hindus of Kashmir are caught up between two campaigns, the campaign of genocide and policy of denial of genocide.
“The important question now is how will the Government of India act now? Will it still procrastinate? Will it still fudge the issue or trivialise it?,” the statement read and condemned the unabated Hindu Killings in Kashmir.
“Further Reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir is inevitable. Jammu has to be separated as State and Kashmir divided further into two to create a safe domain for victims of Genocide namely Panun Kashmir for reversal of Hindu Genocide and permanent rehabilitation of Hindus,” it read.
They said that till now, Govt of India described the Hindu killings in Kashmir as acts of frustration of terrorists or attempts to defame the Muslims of Kashmir. GoI has time and again stated that the situation in Kashmir is improving rather than taking cognisance of the Jihadi forces operating with impunity using the Muslim society as a civil sanctuary.
“The GoI has chosen to trivialise the ground situation to the detriment of the citizens of India particularly the Hindus. GoI till now has stubbornly refused to recognise that the Jihadi malaise is widespread within the Muslim society in Kashmir valley,” the duo said in the statement.
“Does GoI understand the danger to the tourists in such a situation in Kashmir? How does it plan to protect them in a situation where the message of Islamists is very loud and clear? Will GoI pursue the policy of “Tourist Secularism” rather than move decisively to destroy Jihad war on the ground,” read the statement.

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