Imran to announce ‘next plan of action’ in Dir rally, after ‘studying’ SC decision

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Islamabad, June 2 (UNI) Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that he will be unveiling the plan of action for his party’s next march at a rally in Dir “two days from now” on Saturday, Dawn reported.

Khan said this at a rally in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Shangla district, that he was studying the Supreme Court’s decision and during the rally in Dir I will present my next plan of action.

Khan said that his party was looking towards the apex court to provide them “protection” ahead of another planned march towards Islamabad, which would follow his ‘Azadi March’ late last month where PTI workers and supporters faced intense police action. The purpose of the marches is to pressure the government into calling immediate elections.

The party’s petition in this regard, however, was returned by the SC registrar on Thursday, saying that it had already decided on an “almost similar issue”.

Imran, said he would stay in KP for two more days to prepare his organisations with regards to his next move.

He accused the ruling coalition of trying to “rig the polls” in connivance with the Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP).

Imran also accused the government of harming all the country’s institutions by having the corruption cases against its leaders’ swept under the rug and by clipping the wings of the anti-graft watchdog.

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