J&K admin complicit to raise communal frenzy, alleges PDP

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Jammu, May 23 (UNI) Criticising the Bhartiya Janata Party for turning erstwhile Doda district into a “communal battleground” in furtherance of its designs to grab power, the Peoples Democratic Party on Monday allegedly lambasted the Jammu and Kashmir administration for sponsoring and being complicit to communal and divisive agenda of the right wing.

“The RSS-sponsored Shradhanjali Sabha held in Doda, the other day, was another Dharam Sansad of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to fan communal flames and create an atmosphere of hate,” said former Legislator and PDP Spokesperson Firdous Tak, while addressing a press conference.

“This was not the first such programme of RSS in Chenab Valley. Hundreds of closed door meetings of such nature have been organised in almost all Panchayats over the last few months, with people from a particular community being asked to unite to ensure a Hindu Chief Minister is elected,” he said, adding that the open threats and criminal intimidation has only taken the campaign to the next level.

Quoting one of the speakers in the rally, “Eik Nahin Hindu Kay Gharaoon Main Das Das Hathyar Hone Chahain,” the former PDP Legislator said that asking people from a particular community to arm themselves by a person who himself claimed to have more than 170 cases against him, shall be an eye-opener for all those who believe in the Constitution of this country.

Tak alleged that BJP was repeating its successful experiments of the past, where Chenab Valley was thrown into a communal frenzy, in order to consolidate vote banks for BJP.

“The results of DDC elections and internal surveys have indicated that BJP has lost its grounds in Chenab Valley and people cutting across their faiths and political ideologies are up in arms against the party and its leadership. This extraordinary situation has forced BJP to resort to the same old gimmick of fanning communal flames, creating chaos and plotting violence,” he said.

Tak further said that hundreds of people from all faiths and communities have lost their lives in the last three decades of unrest across Chenab Valley, but the rally specifically highlighted names of those from a particular faith, in order to communalise the situation.

Unfortunately, the administration was sponsoring or at least complicit to such campaigns and the same was evident while all arrangements for this ‘Dharam Sansad’ were being facilitated by the administration, he added.

Tak called upon all peace-loving citizens and those who believed in the idea of India not being a mute spectator to such hate campaigns, which were bound to have serious repercussions on the unity and integrity of this erstwhile state.

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