J&K ‘horribly’ battling drug addiction, govt ‘least bothered’ to address issue: Omar Abdullah

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Party Functionaries

Delaying elections proof of crises here; let them hold Parliamentary, assembly polls together’

Former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said the future of Jammu and Kashmir is being endangered as the government is “least bothered” to address the issue of drug addiction.

Coming down heavily on the government, the National Conference (NC) vice president, according to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) said that due to drug addiction, crimes are increasing and the government must address the issue very sensitively.

“We have seen statements on tourism, investment, and fanfare on G20, but on this big issue, there has not been a single mention by the government,” Omar said while talking to the media persons at the party headquarters here.

“The purpose of today’s meet is to draw the attention of the government to prepare a roadmap on how to put an end to this menace,” he said, adding that drug addiction is not a political but a social issue that has assumed a “dangerous” pace.

On narco smuggling “from across the border”, the NC vice president said, “The government claims that not even a bird can fly over to this side. Then how come these drugs are being smuggled here? Are there loopholes in the fencing or any weakness somewhere in the anti-infiltration grid?”

“From wherever it is coming, they are being used here,” Omar said. “If it is coming through Punjab, why it is not being stopped at its border with J&K; if it is coming through the LoC, the government has to answer. I am not getting into the blame game. We demand the use of these drugs must completely end here.”

Talking about the unity meeting by the Opposition parties in Bihar on June 23, the former CM said they will go and listen to them.

“The National Conference has a little role to play in that meeting. The unity must be shown by those parties who have more than 40-50 seats in the Parliament. If the NC goes to win all the seats of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, the impact would be of not more than six seats,” he said.

He also about the non-availability of ration, electricity, water crisis, and unemployment, saying there are crises all around and no one is happy in Jammu and Kashmir. Had the people been happy and satisfied, they would they conducted the elections here.

“Delaying elections is the proof of crises,” Omar said. “They don’t have guts; they are scared of holding elections because nowhere here people are happy.”

The NC leader said there is not a single government department that is not facing a crisis. “Let them hold the Parliament and assembly elections here together, we will see who stands where,” he said.

Responding to a question on films being made to “defame” Islam, Omar Abdullah said, “Islam is not so weak that a film made by someone would impact our religion.”

“We know there are some people who have so much hatred for our religion that they cannot tolerate us and they often make these kinds of movies in between. We have been negating them and will continue to do so,” he said

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