JKLF Stages Candle Light Protests For 5th Straight Day

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Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said that it is human aptitude and character to whine on sufferings and protest against those who inflict these sufferings.

“Kashmiris are being killed, maimed, looted, vandalized, humiliated and tortured by India from last many decades and I want to ask them that who’s sobs and cries can be more legitimated than Kashmiris who are being dehumanized by so-called biggest democracy,” Malik said in a statement issued to KNO.

He said that a state resorts to coercion and use of force and tramples democratic norms and ethics when it has something to hide or deny.

“Indian state has been long denying our freedom and right to self-determination and this is why it is using military power to suppress our voices,” he said. He said that what is being inflicted upon people of Kashmir especially in south, north and central districts is unspeakable.

“Torturing men, women, children has become a new normal, humiliating elders and women has become a routine and arresting ,intimidating and tormenting young has become a favorite job of Indian army men, SOG, police and other forces,” he added.“

Killing humans is glamorized and cheered by so-called democratic Indian leaders and legalizing murders and shielding criminals by AFPSA like black laws is termed as democracy,” he said, adding that JRL called for a most sophisticated candlelight and torch bearing protests against Human rights abuses but look “at Indian standard of democracy, this exemplary peaceful protest has been meted out with iron fist and tyranny which is most condemnable.”

He said that by putting a blanket ban on all sorts of peaceful politics, rulers and their authorities in Jammu Kashmir are actually promoting violence and this has and is pushing a whole generation to the wall.

Malik asked the international community, UN, UN human rights commission and council, amnesty international and other human rights bodies to take cognizance of this aggression and trampling of democratic and human norms in Jammu Kashmir and intervene in the interests of humanity and democracy.

On fifth straight day, JKLF leaders and activists along with people organized candlelight protests at Pampore Kashmir and Ilahi Bagh Srinagar. Protests are a part of human rights week programs announced by joint resistance leadership.

Leaders and activists of JKLF along with people from different walks of life today gathered at Pampore Kashmir and Ilahi Bagh Srinagar held candlelight protests against human rights abuses in Jammu Kashmir.

JKLF leaders addressed the protesters and strongly condemned the ‘ongoing onslaught’ by forces against Kashmiris.

Holding glowing candles and torches in hands and raising enthusiastic slogans in favour of freedom, self-determination and martyrs, protesters also raised slogans against inhumanity inflicted by forces on humans in Kashmir. A message from JKLF ailing and incarcerated chairman was delivered to the peaceful protesters.(KNO)

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