Army Chief Made Childish Statement, Tantamount To Accepting Humiliating Defeat: JRL

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Srinagar: Joint Resistance Leaders (JRL) comprising of Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Dr. Mohammad Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik have expressed grave concern our the recent statement of Army chief Bipin Rawat about using drone attacks in Kashmir, saying that “such an irresponsible, unfortunate and provocative statement from the highest military leadership has threatened a small population of peace loving citizens to the maximum.”

In a statement issued to KNO, JRL said that “this is not only ridicules but childish as well- that to counter and contain a few freedom fighter youth with no conventional weaponry. 10 lakh Army with sophisticated and latest equipment, augmented with a vast and deep informative network has miserably failed for the last 30 years.”

“Army chief’s statement is more than accepting their humiliating defeat at every front, which has unnerved them to the extent of frustration and insanity leading to murmuring these incoherent vocabulary of drones etc,” they said.

Resistance leaders reminded the Army general that “your lust of blood of more than lakh humans seems to have not diluted, death and destruction, rape and molestation, forced disappearances and countless killing fields have not shaken your conscience.”

They said that human history might have hardly witnessed such instances when a baby of just 18 months is showered with pallets, to prove the pseudo bravery of men in uniform. “India only talks the language of hatred, destruction, violence and force.

This immoral occupier has ruined every fabric of our existence, be it political, social, moral, religious, educational, financial or cultural. They target our collective faith, capture our resources and make us beggars in our own land.

They take control of our natural recourses and assets in the name of transparency, plant their trusted pawns at every level from municipality to legislator, so that their grip is strengthened with each passing day,” they said.

The leaders said that “fresh entrants of supporters with western qualifications, masters in the art of deceit and cunningness, have been assigned the job of tarnishing and targeting every bit of our remaining identity.”

Pro-freedom leadership said that “crown” of India is being used rather misused as a testing lab for the latest, sophisticated and lethal weaponry as the collateral damage thereof will at least satisfy the collective conscience of their majority vote bank, as “our daily killings, pain and agony, fetches these rulers electoral dividends, ensuriing their stay in power.”

 Leadership appealed to international community, especially United Nations to take a serious note of the threatening statement of war mongers.

“They need to be curtailed and cut to their size otherwise criminal silence by world bodies will encourage these insane generals to put their words to action, which will have catastrophic ramifications not only in this subcontinent but globally as well,” they said.

They cautioned Pakistan, as a principal party to the dispute, to remain vigilant in the light of these statements as the war clouds are looming around, which may compromise their existence as well, as their friendship tunes and concept of mutual cooperation and understanding is reciprocated by nothing but ‘hatred, arrogance and war threatening’.

Meanwhile, JRL appealed for a complete poll boycott of ongoing Panchayat elections in Arin, Sopore, Khaipora, Chandilwanigam, Newa, Dadsara, Devsar, Pahloo, Shaahabad, Hiller, Verinag and appealed people of these areas to observe a complete shutdown on 1 December and cautioned people that voting for anybody amounts to betrayal as these votes are used as affirmative verdict to hoodwink the international community.(KNO)

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