Narastan Village In Tral Sans Cellular Connectivity

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Aripal (Tral): The residents of Narastan village in Tral area of Pulwama here have complained of no cellular connectivity in the area. The residents expressed resentment against telecommunication authorities and said that they are not able to make calls even in this advanced era, as “not a single network is working there yet”

They said that Airtel Company had installed a tower in the area some months back to mitigate problems there, but that is yet to be started, with no concrete step from its officials.

Wasim Ahmed Dar, a college student told that it is very unfortunate that Nargistan village has no network connectivity, which is “the matter of serious concern” “Network connectivity has been upgraded from 2g to 3g and then 4g, in each and every area of valley, but our area still lacks basic cellular service,” Wasim said.

Another resident, Mohd Shaban Bhat, said that, “if God forbid, any fire incident will occur in the village, the villagers will never be able to contact for help from fire and emergency services” He added that they have been left for “the mercy of God”The residents appealed the concerned authorities of telecom operators to setup cellular towers in the area as soon as possible.

They also requested Airtel authorities in particular to start operations from the tower, installed in the area, some months back, so that people may heave sigh of relief from problems. Meanwhile, an official from Airtel told that, existing tower in the area will be functional soon.(KNO)


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