SIA conduct raids in four Kashmir districts in social media misuse case

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State Investigation Agency (SIA) conducted searches at many locations in four districts of Kashmir valley in the case involving misuse of social media, officials said on Tuesday.

The searches were conducted in Srinagar, Anantnag, Pulwama and Kapwara districts spread over the length and breadth of Kashmir valley, a statement of SIA said.

“Today on 20 June 2023, SIA KASHMIR successfully conducted searches at six locations across Kashmir in Districts Kupwara, Anantnag, Pulwama, and Srinagar. The searches were carried out as part of an ongoing investigation in case FIR No 05/2023 of Police Station SIA/ CIK pertaining to misuse of social media platforms for unlawful and secessionist activities”, the SIA said on Tuesday.

The case was registered by SIA KASHMIR, regarding India-based social media entities collaborating with their foreign associates to “spread hatred against India and promoting terror activities”.

The pre-dawn searches conducted by SIA personnel, aimed to uncover the individuals and groups involved in propagating secessionist, anti-India sentiments through various social media platforms.

The identified entities are suspected of conniving with foreign associates to further their nefarious agenda, which includes instigating and supporting acts of terrorism. Additionally, these entities have been targeting government servants, hindering their ability to perform their lawful duties.

The searches conducted by SIA KASHMIR resulted in the seizure of substantial digital and physical evidence like mobile phones, sim cards etc.

The evidence will be meticulously analyzed to build a strong case against the accused individuals and organizations, ensuring a comprehensive investigation and subsequent legal proceedings, the statement added.

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