Those who have lost sense calling youth of UP addict: PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday without taking name attacked former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and said those who are not in their right mind are venting their frustration on the youths of Uttar Pradesh.

After inaugurating Banas Kashi Complex and launching projects worth more than Rs 13,000 crore for Purvanchal, the PM said decades of corruption, nepotism and appeasement kept UP backward.

“UP was made a sick state and the future of the youth was played with,” he said.

He said, “The royal family of Congress says that the youth of Kashi are addicts. They spent decades abusing Modi and now these people are taking out their frustration on the youth of UP. Those who have lost their senses are calling the children of my Kashi as addicts.”

Challenging the Congress, Modi said the youth of Kashi and UP are engaged in making a developed UP.

“The youths are doing extreme hard work to create a prosperous future. The youth of UP will never forget the insult done by Congress and INDI alliance,” he said.

Continuing his attack on Congress and Samajwadi Party (SP), he said members of dynastic parties are always afraid of youth power and talent.

“They feel that if an ordinary youth gets an opportunity, he will challenge them everywhere. They like only those who keep cheering them day and night,” he said.

The PM said another reason for their anger and frustration is that they do not like the new form of Kashi and Ayodhya. “They attack Ram Mandir on all kinds of things. I did not know that Congress had so much hatred for Lord Shri Ram. They are unable to think beyond their family and vote bank. When elections come, these people come together. And when the results are out they attack each other and part ways,” he said.

Taking a dig at the Indi alliance in Bhojpuri, he said, “This is Banaras, everyone is a guru here, the tactics of the INDI alliance won’t work here. Not just Banaras, the entire UP knows that the items are the same, only the packaging is new. This time he will have to struggle a lot to save the security deposits.”

Earlier, addressing the meeting in Bhojpuri, Modi said, “Today I have once again got an opportunity to visit the land of Kashi. I don’t feel satisfied until I come to Banaras. 10 years ago you people made me the the MP of Banaras and now in 10 years Banaras has made me a Banarasi as Delhi.’

He said today 45 projects worth more than Rs 13,000 crores were being launched which will accelerate the development of Purvanchal and eastern India.

“It has works related to many areas like rail, road, airport, animal husbandry, industry, sports, skill development, health, cleanliness, spirituality, tourism, LPG gas. This will create many new employment opportunities,” he said.

The PM said, “If anything good happens in Kashi and Purvanchal, it is very natural for me to feel happy.” He said that Phulwaria flyover has proved to be a boon for Varanasi.

“Earlier, if one had to go to Babatpur Airport from BLW, one had to leave two to three hours in advance. It took more time to reach the airport to catch the flight than it did to go from Varanasi to Delhi. Now this flyover has reduced the time to half,” he said.

Modi said the work of Sigra Stadium has also been inaugurated. “A modern shooting range has been set up for the youth of Banaras. Before coming here, I got the opportunity to talk to the cattle rearing sisters at Banas Dairy Plant. The sisters of the farmer family were given an indigenous breed of Gir cow two-three years ago,” he said.

He said, “The objective was to increase information about better breed indigenous cows in Purvanchal. Today the number of Gir cows here has reached around 350. While a normal cow used to give 5 liters of milk, a Gir cow gives 15 liters of milk. Due to this, these sisters are earning additional income of thousands of rupees every month. Our sisters have started becoming lakhpati didis. This is a great inspiration for the 10 crore sisters associated with self-help groups.”

The PM said the foundation stone of Banas Dairy was laid two years ago.

“At that time the cattle owners were given a guarantee to complete this project expeditiously. Today Modi’s guarantee is in front of you. Modi’s guarantee means guarantee of fulfillment of the guarantee. Banas Dairy is an example of how right investment creates employment opportunities,” he said.

He said the dairy is collecting two lakh liters of milk every day from the cattle farmers of Banaras, Mirzapur, Ghazipur and Rae Bareli.

“With the commissioning of the plant, cattle farmers of other districts including Chandauli, Ballia and Azamgarh will also benefit. It will create Milk mandis in more than a thousand villages of these districts,” he said.

Modi said, “Besides, thousands of new employment opportunities will be created. This will increase the income of more than three lakh farmers in the entire area. Apart from milk, many types of local sweets including buttermilk, curd, lassi, ice cream, cheese will be made here. This will also provide employment to those selling them. This plant will help in taking the sweets of Banaras to every corner of the country. Employment of shopkeepers and local distributors related to animal feed will also increase.”

He said along with making farmer energy providers, the government is making efforts to make the providers of fertiliser as well.

“Apart from milk, we are giving opportunities to cattle farmers to earn from cow dung also. Under Gobardhan Yojana, biogas is being made from cow dung and other waste. Kashi has become a model in making gold from waste. Today another plant has been inaugurated, where 600 tonnes of waste will be converted into 200 ton of charcoal,” he said.

The PM said farmers and cattle rearers have always been the biggest priority of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government.

“The country will become self-reliant only when every small power of the country is awakened and help is extended to farmers, cattle herders, artisans, craftsmen and small entrepreneurs,” he said.

He said that he is always vocal for the local. “When I speak about being vocal for local, I am promoting those weavers and small entrepreneurs who cannot spend lakhs of rupees for advertising in newspapers and TV,” he said.

Modi said that he himself promotes local products and he is the brand ambassador of every small entrepreneur.

“When I say Khadi, toys, Make in India and see our country, it increases the employment of local people. We can experience this in Kashi. Ever since Vishwanath Dham was inaugurated, more than 12 crore people have come to Kashi. This has increased everyone’s employment,” he said.

He said that Modi’s guarantee is 100 per cent benefit to every beneficiary.

“Modi is guaranteeing saturation of the beneficiaries. So UP has also decided to give all the seats to Modi. This time UP is going to name all the seats to NDA. Modi’s third term is going to be the most powerful term of India’s power in the whole world,” he said.

The Prime Minister said if the country and the world have so much faith in Modi’s guarantee, it is because of your closeness and Baba’s blessings.

At the beginning of the program, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath welcomed and congratulated Prime Minister Modi by presenting him Angavastra and the idol of Kamadhenu.

Meanwhile, Banas Dairy Chairman Shankarbhai Choudhary welcomed the Prime Minister by presenting him with a turban, shawl and an idol of Kamdhenu.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister also gave certificates of authorized users of GI products to five artisans of GI products, which included Jamaluddin Ansari, Shrikant Mishra, Satya Singh, Amrita Singh and Siddharth Maurya.

Earlier, PM Modi also visited Banas Dairy.

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