Udyami Mitra to act as bridge between govt and entrepreneurs: Yogi

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday said that ‘Udyami Mitra’ will not only serve as a bridge between the entrepreneurs investing in the state and the government machinery, but will also act as the third eye of the government as youths associated with the CM Fellowship Scheme do in aspirational development blocks.

Distributing an incentive amount of Rs 2,32 crore to various entrepreneurs as well as appointment letters to 102 Udyami Mitras at at a ceremony held at Lok Bhawan, Yogi said that Udyami Mitras will try to solve investors problems and if there is no solution available at the local level, they will apprise the concerned department about it to find it.

He appealed to the entrepreneurs to invest more in the state and connect the youth of the state with skill development, using their CSR funds. On this occasion, various entrepreneurs appreciated the improved law and order in Uttar Pradesh and the investment friendly facilities like single window clearance of the Yogi Government and gave suggestions.

The CM said, “More than 100 of Udyami Mitras have been selected here, who have received 14 days training and have also inspected some industrial sites. You are about to start a new innings of life. Within the next three years, you will contribute strongly in furthering the possibilities of investment in UP under these programmes.”

He said, “Your work will be evaluated every month. After the successful tenure of three years, any Udyami Mitras who are associated with industrial development or are willing to join any service of various authorities or government, will be given age relaxation as well as special weightage.”

Yogi said that besides making UP the country’s number one economy, Udyami Mitras will play an important role in achieving the goal of Ease of Doing Business.

“You have to see that no one can point a finger at you anywhere. There will be an attempt to lure

you and break your morale. But, you must keep in mind the 25 crore people of the state and carry

out your duties with unwavering commitment and dedication to establish UP as a one trillion dollar economy and as the country’s largest economy,” he said.

Referring to the youth selected for CM Fellowship Scheme, he said that they are going to the selected aspirational development blocks and contributing to establish them as development

blocks, connecting these with the process of development.

Referring to the eligibility of Udyami Mitras, the CM said that 1,500 people had applied, out of

which 105 candidates, including 87 men and 18 women, have been selected.

“All the candidates who have been selected here have come from respected universities.

Graduate, Post Graduate candidates applied from top educational institutes including

University of Wales, IIM Lucknow and Indore, BHU, Triple IIT Prayagraj and NIT Prayagraj,”

he said.

He said, “It is an appeal to all of you that this is an opportunity for you to work, to prove yourself

and to use your potential in the interest of the state. This time you must have seen that we have received proposals worth Rs 35 lakh crores at the Global Investors Summit. UP has set the

standard of how the Investors Summit should be held.”

Yogi said no entrepreneur or businessman can complain that some goon has called them for donations or for cooperation in elections in UP today.

“The government will not let them down after the trust they have reposed in the government,”

he said.

He also appealed to the entrepreneurs to invest more and more in the changed UP and create employment.

“Use your CSR funds in UP only. Every industry must associate one institution with itself. Connect

the youth here with the work of skill development as per your requirement. Provide training to the people associated with the institution at your place,” he said.

The CM said, “We have also started the CM Internship Scheme. Under the scheme, a youth will

work with you for a certain period of time and later be adjusted elsewhere. We have set a target

to connect 7.5 lakh youth with this within the next one year in UP.”

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