World Blood Donation Day: Al-Iman group helps Kashmir’s needy people in times of emergency

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Arranging blood almost every day to save lives: Group members

Jahangeer Ganaie

A group of youth in Kashmir have started an initiative to arrange blood for needy persons and have arranged hundreds of pints of blood so far.

Al-Iman youth foundation is an initiative of a group of youth headed by Chairman Farooq Ahmad Malik and vice Chairman Peer Shamsudin who started it nine months ago to help people in need of blood.

Umar Haasan, one of the senior members of the group who is from Reban Sopore told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), that they started this initiative nine months with an aim to help needy people in arranging blood free.

“Almost every day we have been receiving calls from every corner of Kashmir about the requirement of blood from needy people,” he said. “Once we receive a call about the requirement of blood in any hospital, we contact the hospital authorities about time to confirm the status of blood group and the requirement following which the group members having the same blood group are contacted and sent there to donate blood.”

Umar, who has donated 10 pints of blood and platelets several times, said that sometimes, the donor has no fare to reach the hospital and we first arrange the fare on our own so that he reaches the hospital on time for donation.

He said that donation of blood gives us satisfaction and peace of mind because every religion teaches us humanity and humanity is above everything.

“Almost every day we are receiving calls about blood and we have been very successful so far in arranging blood in minutes as members from all corners of Kashmir have been associated with us,” he said.

Another group member also echoed the same voice and said that they have been arranging blood and platelets for needy patients free just for the sake of Allah.

Notably, regular blood donation is linked to lower blood pressure and a lower risk for heart attacks besides that it helps to reduce cardiovascular risk factors

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