Yogi writes to female MLAs ahead of all women session on Sep 22

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday sent a letter to the female members of the Uttar Pradesh Legislature ahead of the historic occasion of women-only September 22 session to be held in both the legislative assembly and the legislative council explaining ‘Mission Shakti’ scheme of the government and its impact on women of the state.

Reaffirming his commitment to ensure the security, dignity, and self-reliance of women, the CM also provided comprehensive information about the efforts made by the government and outcomes achieved so far under ‘Mission Shakti’ programme.

In his letter, Yogi said, “Under Mission Shakti, the perception about UP has changed throughout the nation and the world as a result of the efficient implementation of policies and initiatives of the central and state governments relating to women empowerment. The UP government has put a lot of effort towards empowering women over the past five and a half years while also ensuring their safety and dignity.”

Connecting women on a massive scale to the Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangala Yojana, the Mukhyamantri Samoohik Vivah Yojana, increasing participation of women in government positions, and involving them in self-employment schemes among others, he said the government has undertaken several initiatives to make women self-reliant.

The CM also gave comprehensive details of programmes relating to women’s empowerment.

Notably, before the start of the Monsoon session on Monday, CM Yogi had announced to dedicate September 22 to female members of both the legislative assembly and the legislative council.

CM Yogi made the announcement about his historic decision while addressing members of the BJP and allies on the eve of the Monsoon session on Sunday.

Happening for the first time in a state, the session On September 22 will have 47 women members of the Legislative Assembly and 6 of the Legislative Council as attendees.

The CM has urged the female members to speak on ‘Mission Shakti’ and other programmes being run by the state government for the safety, respect and self-reliance of the women of the state during the special session.

CM Yogi has also requested Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Khanna to make a woman member the presiding officer in both the houses to make this day special.

CM Yogi has urged members to take part in the house proceedings with full devotion, giving maximum time and demonstrating ideal conduct and said those who are unable to attend the proceedings of the house for some reasons should inform their whip so that the proceedings can start on time.

Stating that the members of the ruling party should maintain discipline, the CM said all members should present their views and back their statements with facts for creating public awareness.

The CM said the work done by UP to control spread of lumpy virus should be highlighted in both the houses. “Opposition is at a loss for issues and hence, will try to disturb the proceedings of the house. We must not give the ‘unemployed’ opposition issues and should be careful of what we speak,” he said.

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