CJI, other judges brought to Kashmir to ‘showcase graveyard silence as normalcy’, alleges Mehbooba Mufti

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Says hopeful for justice as CJI’s integrity ‘unquestionable’

Jahangir Sofi

 Former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday alleged that the Chief Justice of India, along with other judges, was brought to Kashmir with the intention of “showcasing the graveyard silence as normalcy”.

“Supreme Court is being misled that after Article 370, everything has been set right here, but I am hopeful that our Chief Justice and other 200 judges who were brought here are wise enough to see what is behind the curtains and what is the exact situation in J&K,” Mufti said, according to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

She said that over the past four years of their case in the Supreme Court, a series of legislations were brought in. “Our jobs, land, and resources are on loot,” she alleged.

“Although the law states that whenever there is a case in court, no decision should be made which can affect the case, but the BJP has pledged to oppose the Constitution and judiciary,” she said, alleging, “The BJP even flouted the Supreme Court’s multiple judgments on the abrogation of Article 370.”

The former CM further added, “Supreme Court has said that the only way to remove Article 370 is the constituent assembly of J&K, which can recommend its removal with the President of India.”

The PDP president said she is also apprehensive about the “sudden hearing” of the case. “For the last four years, there was no hearing on Article 370; it was held of the cases which were not of an emergency nature,” she said.

Hearings are being held today after the abrupt tour of Kashmir, and the fact that they are going to be held every day from August 2 raises concerns about whether the BJP is preparing “something else in secret”, she remarked.

She alleged that a “trap” has been laid by the BJP. “First, the G 20 and then bringing the judges to show them the ‘graveyard silence’,” she said, adding, “I am hopeful of Justice D Y Chandrachud whose his integrity is unquestionable.”

“In the past, many decisions were taken where Constitution and laws were sidelined for the satisfaction of sentiments and collective conscience of the people. After that, those judges reached Parliament,” she said

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