Fake and spurious pesticides

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The Kashmir valley is bracing up for high value economic activities from this month onwards. The agriculture activities has come to life with most of the people in rural areas busy in their respective orchards. The spray and fertilizers season is actually going on and the farmers are busy in such activities.

However, this season actually determines the fate of the harvesting by the end of year. During the harvesting season most of the farmers go through distress due to low quality and quantity of crop. The genesis of this crisis lies in the spurious and substandard fertilizers and pesticides available in the market.

The farmers, majority of those Illiterate have no knowledge of tracking or differentiating between the original and substandard fertilizers and pesticides end up in ruining their crop. Predominantly, their choice lies with the distributor of the pesticides and fertilizers and they blindly even trust them.

Since the horticulture economy is worth over 10000 crores, their have been end number of people who forayed in the business of manufacturing of fertilizers and pesticides, majority of then not following even basic standards set by the concerned authorities.

The role of premier SKAUST is not appreciable in educating and informing farmers. At the same time, the Enforcement Directorate is also not working in a proper manner to track down the dubious companies operating in market ruining economy of Kashmir.

In case the government is sincere and aims to boost the rural economy that fetches sixty percent contribution to whole economy needs to build the considerable pressure on departments responsible for tracking fake and spurious pesticides in the market. Otherwise, it may spell disaster in coming times.

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