Accidents of Srinagar-Jammu Highway

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The horrors of Srinagar -Jammu highway yet again came to fore after two more precious lives were lost in a tragic road accident on Tuesday. Earlier , the accidents on this road were attributed to its bad condition. Hundreds of people have died on this road while travelling and most of the times when the people in Kashmir would think of traveling on it, the fear of facing something ugly was overshadowing their travel joy.

The death was synonym to this highway. However, over the last one decade, the situation has remarkably improved with the expansion and upgradation of this road by the centre government.
But unfortunately , the naked dance of death continue to haunt the commuters of this road despite huge investments made on its expansion and all weather.

But it is also fact that all the time the deaths and the tragic accidents on this road doesn’t happen due to poor road conditions rather in most of the cases rash driving is the reason. The accidents on this road may occur more now with its completion in case there are no proper check ups and traffic squads monitoring the vehicular movement. Alongside the upgradation and its expansion the government has to ensure it accident free.

This highway in the past has gory memories for the people of Kashmir and shall not be anymore become the death trap. In the upcoming years, the road which is the only lifeline between Kashmir and the rest of the world may have lot of traffic and public movement given an increasing footfall of tourists into Kashmir. So it is the responsibility of the government to ensure traffic is properly managed and safety and security of commuters is ensured on this road.

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