Growing crimes in Kashmir

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It was heart wrenching news about the killing of his own mother by a younger son in North Kashmir on Monday. The reports suggest that a young son attacked his 48 year old mother with a sharp edged weapon at their residence and fled from the spot. The woman was immediately shifted to Sub District Hospital Sopore where she was declared dead on arrival.

The accused who ran away from the scene of crime was arrested within hours by the police, however the news travelled across the region and the pall of gloom descended on human settlements. This inhuman act deserves the strongest condemnation while at the same time reminds us of growing such crimes in Kashmir which otherwise had no such past of this kind.

The growing rate of such brutal crimes is a cause for concern for all of us and this society needs to understand and ascertain the reasons behind the growing rate of crime for its redressal. Such crimes have often been brushed inside the carpet in the past to avoid social taboo to the entire family while in this age of social media nothing remains hidden.

Apparently, there have been many reasons being attributed to the growing such crimes including joblessness, drug addiction and many others. However, the bigger issue is how to handle such crises. Kashmir is not known for such crimes and any flip in such acts may have a huge impact in coming times. It receives millions of tourists  across the year and the good thing was that it never had a crime against any visitor.

If the criminal activities are not controlled at domestic level, it may expand to tourists also and may have serious consequences for its economy and reputation globally. However, it is the government that has to bell the cat.

Not only dealing under the law to the criminals but it has to initiate the process of training people with anger management processes besides open centres of rehabilitation for all those suffering with various relevant ailments. These crimes shall not remain unnoticed anymore because they are not only disturbing to us all but potentially may cause harm to our society at socioeconomic levels.

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