Govt School in Bandipora introduces biometric attendance for students

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Sajid Raina

 Government Middle School (GMS) Mantrigam in Bandipora district has taken a step towards revolutionizing student attendance and fostering transparency by implementing a biometric attendance system.

Head of the institution, Atta Muhammad Rather, told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that the initiative aims at enhancing student engagement and ensuring accurate attendance tracking.

The GMS Mantrigam stands as the sole educational establishment in the entire Bandipora district to introduce biometric devices for recording student attendance, Atta said.

He said that the innovative system leverages cutting-edge biometric technology to track and document student presence.

Atta said that GMS Mantrigam is the first-of-its-kind school in the Union Territory to introduce a comprehensive biometric attendance system. While a Higher Secondary School in Poonch had previously implemented a similar system, GMS Mantrigam is first Middle-level School of J&K to introduce this system, he said.

Students are required to register their attendance through the biometric device, which identifies each student based on unique biometric characteristics such as fingerprints, he added.

Recognizing the crucial role of biometric attendance in fostering a conducive learning environment, Atta said that its implementation for students will not only ensure accountability but also elevate the overall education system’s quality. This initiative aligns with the Jammu and Kashmir government’s previous mandate of biometric attendance for teachers during school hours, he said.

Atta said that the advanced attendance system will effectively curb proxy attendance by students, ensuring a more accurate reflection of their presence.

“After a month, attendance records can be shared with parents, providing them with valuable insights into their wards’ activities and progress,” he added.

The introduction of the biometric attendance system has garnered widespread appreciation from parents, who commend GMS Mantrigam for its commitment to provide quality education and fostering regular class attendance

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