Gurez readies for visitors again this year

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Trekkers, tourists start arriving in the mountainous Valley

Sajid Raina

 Tourism season has started picking up in Gurez Valley this year again.

According to an official, the scenic villages along the Line of Control (LoC) in the Gurez valley of Bandipora district are witnessing a growing number of trekkers and visitors both from Kashmir as well as outside from the last few weeks.

He said that the local residents have once again transformed their homes into homestays as they did last year.

This enables them to efficiently accommodate the increasing number of tourists and provides livelihood to people, he added.

“We are fully committed to developing Gurez Valley as a premier tourist destination. In the coming months, we have planned a series of exciting events to showcase the region’s natural wonders and cultural heritage,” he said, as per the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

Furthermore, he said that the administration have curated a diverse range of activities including cultural festivals, adventure sports competitions, and traditional craft exhibitions.

“These events aim at promoting Gurez Valley’s unique offerings and establish it as a must-visit destination,” he said.

According to the locals in Gurez, as summer approaches, they eagerly await the arrival of more tourists, and preparations for their visit are in full swing.

Muneer Ahmad, a resident of Gurez said that they anticipate a higher number of tourists compared to last year, and they are readying for the massive arrival of tourists.

A local has turned his house into a museum to preserve the local Dard-Shin culture and traditions from the onslaught of modernity, besides attracting tourists.

Bashir Ahmad maintains that he is diligently preserving the old culture but unfortunately, the younger generation appears to be disinterested in it.

He expressed his disappointment stating that most tourists visiting the valley are primarily interested in the museum rather than the cultural aspects he is striving to protect

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