Kashmir University innovators invent ‘Temperature- controlled bottle with integrated hydration monitoring capability’

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Jahangeer Ganaie

A group of innovators from Kashmir University have invented a temperature controlled bottle with integrated hydration monitoring capability.

The innovators in this project are Umhara Rasool, Jehangir Hameed lone, Sajid Noor, Sadaf Bashir, Tabish Beigh, Mohammad zeeshan Dar, Shah shahid showkat and Syed Kashif from University of Kashmir.

The group of inventors told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), that drinking water is incredibly important for our health as it helps regulate our body temperature, keeps our skin hydrated, and supports various metabolic functions.

“When we don’t drink enough water, we can become dehydrated and experience fatigue, headaches, and even more serious health problems,” they said.

“It can be hard to remember to drink water regularly, especially with busy schedules and distractions. That’s why it’s helpful to track our daily water intake. This is particularly important for older individuals, as they may not be aware of the benefits and proper timing of water consumption. Traditional water bottles have some limitations, such as not being able to control the temperature of the water or provide a reliable way to track our intake. They also lack water purification systems and eco-friendly power sources,” they added.

“Additionally, they don’t have user-friendly interfaces or the ability to connect with smartphone apps for a better user experience,” they added further.

“The main goal of this invention is to provide a temperature-controlled bottle with integrated hydration monitoring capability that is capable of maintaining the temperature of the water to the user’s preference,” said Umhara Rasool, member of the group, who is currently Scholar at Department of Electronics and Instrumentation, University of Kashmir.

“The device is capable of maintaining the temperature of the water, which is achieved by the integration of Peltier modules, which are controlled by a microcontroller to effectively heat or cool the water. The proposed innovation also tracks the user’s water consumption throughout the day,” she said.

“This innovative system incorporates state-of-the-art sensors and a sophisticated algorithm to track our hydration patterns accurately. Through timely reminders, it effectively promotes and sustains optimal water consumption and leads to enhanced well-being,” she added.

“It also incorporates a solar fabric to harness solar energy, and a rechargeable battery to store this energy, providing a green power source for the bottle’s operations,” said Shah Shahid Showkat, member of the group who is pursuing M.tech.

“An activated charcoal filter is integrated into the bottle to remove impurities from the water, providing the user with clean, safe drinking water wherever they refill the bottle,” said Tabish Beigh, member of the group, who is from a Food science and technology background.

“The patent authority of India has accepted and published the details of their patent on the invention. The patent application number ‘202311034675’,” they said.

The innovators want support from the government in order to convert their prototype into a marketable product

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