LG inaugurates 3-day long Amrit Yuva Kalotsav at Srinagar

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Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha inaugurated the 3-day long Amrit Yuva Kalotsav, organised by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi and J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages, at Tagore Hall, Srinagar, today.

The festival of music, dance and drama commemorates the 75 years of India’s Independence.

In his address on the occasion, the Lt Governor commended the endeavour of Sangeet Natak Akademi and J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages for providing a platform to young artists from across the country to showcase their talents.

He said, the young artists from different states and UTs are getting an opportunity to fill crores of souls with their performances.

“Music, dance, theater are not merely art forms but these are the keys that open all the locks of vast existence and tremendous possibilities of life,” the Lt Governor said.

“Artists are the real treasure and pride of the country, and the wealth they possess cannot be equated with any material wealth. In different art forms, one can have a glimpse of existence and realise the mystic path of life,” he observed.

He acknowledged the immense contribution of the Artists in weaving many sects, customs, religion, culture, language, social system in the garland of unity and spreading its fragrance in every corner of the world.

“The biggest feature of our culture is its continuity. Many cultures, civilizations of the world have either disappeared or with time they were weakened. However, despite all the challenges and attacks, the Indian culture is not only flourishing but its roots have become stronger,” he said.

At the inaugural event, the Lt Governor shared the constant efforts being made to pass on the rich cultural legacy of India to the younger generation.

“Under the guidance of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Amrit Yuva Kalotsav reflects society’s aspirations and motivates young generation to move forward in the journey of Amrit Kaal with a new vigour, new dreams, determination and commitment to nation building,” the Lt Governor said.

The biggest strength of our culture is unity in diversity. In order to strengthen this diversity, to bring states, cultures, languages, artists, youth closer to each other, Prime Minister had started the mission of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’, he added.

“I am really proud that different states of the country have come closer, geographical distances have disappeared and people are taking interest in each other’s food habits, culture, language and lifestyle. The culture of different parts of the nation together makes stronger, vibrant and incredible India,” the Lt Governor said.

Addressing the gathering, the Lt Governor said, “there has to be a fine balance between science and music, only then the consciousness of the society will bloom, only then the nation will be able to progress”.

The mind and consciousness of society both are born out of art. Consciousness is deeply embedded in poetry, music and different forms of art. No matter how developed a society is, no matter to what extent artificial intelligence is influencing our lives, it will be incomplete without art, the Lt Governor observed.

He said, the sensibility of the artists is absolutely pure, as pure as the mind of a small child.

When such artists rise up and start connecting hearts through programme like Amrit Yuva Kalotsav, then their generosity, their tolerance, their spirit of philanthropy, austerity, sacrifice and spiritual practice contributes in the rapid progress of the nation and no force of the world can stop the prosperity of such society, he added.

The Lt Governor also highlighted the endeavours of the UT Administration for the revival of old Crafts of Jammu Kashmir like Namda and the initiatives taken for the training of the artisans.

Dr Sandhya Purecha, Chairperson, Sangeet Natak Akademi shared the efforts of the Akademi to promote the art and culture of Jammu Kashmir. She informed that the Sangeet Natak Akademi will organise workshop on Bhand-Pather across the country.

Sujit Singh, DIG; Bharat Singh Manhas, Secretary, J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages; Raju Das, Secretary, Sangeet Natak Akademi; renowned artists, prominent citizens and youth were present on the occasion

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