LS Polls: Congress will return to power: Bhalla

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Thanking people for turning in thousands in his support during filing nomination papers for Lok Sabha elections from Jammu constituency, Congress candidate Raman Bhalla on Tuesday said that the Congress party will return to power to address the problems of a common man.

“Throw the “arrogant regime” out of power for the large interest of poor and common man,” Bhalla said in his address after filing the nomination papers.

He thanked the people from all parts for their huge participation in the rally.

“People of Jammu have suffered a lot and will teach BJP leaders a lesson through ballot, in this election,” said Bhalla.

National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah, AICC Incharge J&K Affairs Bharatsinh Solanki, PCC President Vikar Rasool Wani and AICC Joint Secretary Manoj Yadav alongwith several senior leaders of JKPCC, formers ministers, legislators and functionaries of Congress accompanied him in the shape of a rally.

Bhalla further said, “Congress party will come back to solve the problems of common man who are under huge economic distress and facing a lot of hardships due to tax terrorism, price rise, record unemployment and lopsided development,” he asserted.

The Congress leaders and workers carrying flags, started the procession from near Maharaja Hari Singh Park and proceeded towards the office of the Deputy Commissioner.

Addressing the gathering, Solanki appealed to the people to vote for change and uproot the dictatorial regime of BJP.

The participation in large numbers shows the mood of the people and claimed that both Lok Sabha seats of Jammu and Udhampur will be pocketed by the Congress party with thumping majority.

“The people have made up their mind to bring about change at the Centre and Modi Govt. will go after elections and INDIA block will form the Govt,” he added.

J&K Congress president Vikar Rasool Wani said that BJP stands exposed before the people on various fronts as the people have awakened against the divisive policies of the BJP.

“The Congress party has taken a lead to fight against the tyrannical regime of BJP which has amassed huge wealth through electoral bond scheme while the entire opposition is being targeted by the Modi Govt,” he said adding that the Prime Minister Modi and BJP know they are getting defeated, so indulging in such tactics but people will teach them a lesson.

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