Modi appeals to Punjabis to give him five years to serve them

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Pathankot (UNI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday made a passionate appeal to Punjab to give him five years to serve them and promised all round development and total revival of agriculture, trade and industry in the state. Addressing a public rally here, the Prime Minister claimed that wherever the BJP forms government, people do not let it go and there is never any anti-incumbency, as the BJP government believes in service to and progress of people and the state. He said, wherever BJP comes to power, there is no appeasement and there is no corruption.

He said, whenever the BJP starts the caravan of progress and development, more and more people join the caravan and they do not leave it. He urged people to ensure that on the polling day on February 20, they should vote while keeping in view the security of the state and the country. “On February 20 vote for peace and harmony in Punjab and vote for progress and development in Punjab”, he said.

PM Modi started his speech while paying tributes to Guru Ravi Das to mark his birth anniversary. Quoting Guru Ravidas, he said, he believed in his teachings that there should be a government where everyone is equal and everyone gets food.

Asserting that Punjab needed a “double engine” government, he expressed confidence that people of Punjab had decided to give the BJP a chance this time. He said, even when there is no BJP government in the state, the central government had invested huge money for infrastructure development like highways and other development projects.

He lashed out at the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) saying they were both “partners in crime”. He said, both the parties had opposed the construction of Ram Mandir and had even questioned the valour of our armed forces. He said, while one party pushed Punjab towards drugs, the other is spreading liquor in every nook and corner of Delhi. He said they were two sides of the same coin. “While Congress is the original, the other (AAP) is the photocopy”, he remarked.

Criticising the Congress, PM Modi said, when there was terror attack in Pathankot, while entre country was united, the Congress was singing a different tune similar to that of Pakistan.

“They questioned the valour of the soldiers. Didn’t they?” he asked, adding, they even wanted the proof of the valour, courage and sacrifice of our soldiers. “When our soldiers show their valour and sacrifice their lives, some political parties in India speak the same voices as spoken in Pakistan”, he said, while referring to the Congress and the AAP who raised questions regarding the surgical strikes.

PM Modi blamed the Congress for holy Kartarpur Sahib going to Pakistan at the time of partition. He said, even during the 1965 and 1971 wars, India got a golden chance to get the Kartarpur Sahib land back but the Congress governments at that time did not bother to do that.

Referring to the development of the border areas, he said, in the current year’s budget, there was a special provision for infrastructure development in villages, under which “vibrant villages” will be developed along the borders. PM Modi also recalled his long association with Pathankot and its people.

He said, while working as an ordinary worker in Punjab, he used to travel on two wheelers and trains. Sometimes, while traveling from Jammu to Delhi, people would come and hand him tiffins, he said, while adding, he can never forget the love and affection he recieved from the people of Punjab. UNI

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