Opening Schools in winters

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This year unprecedently, the LG administration decided to continue with an academic calendar in winters. The move came as shocking for parents as well as all those school teachers who would call off academic activities with the onset of winter. The academic calendar has been changed by the directorate of school education and the fresh session will start in march.

Earlier, the academic calendar between Jammu and Kashmir provinces was different with Kashmir having October-November session and Jammu’s academic activities were at par with the rest of the country. It was facing complete mismanagement and technical hiccups in ensuring the hassle-free education system to millions of school going children.

This year the technical hiccups have been removed and Kashmir is going as per the national academic calendar. To usher on the path, the trial is to ensure the class work doesn’t get affected in harsh weather conditions. The education authorities and the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir DK Pole have already said that class work in Kashmir will continue until there is heavy snowfall.

It is a trial basis and we are all unsure if the authorities will succeed in the trial. Winter has arrived, and many parts of Kashmir experienced the snowfall. In plains, rains have lashed and dipped the mercury. The educational institutions all across the region lack heating arrangements. The government schools even have no windows and doors in many rural areas.

There is no proper seating arrangement with students sitting on floors of the classes on ordinary mats. If we talk of elite schools in Srinagar and other cities and towns, they too have no heating system to provide a comfortable atmosphere for children and teachers. Under such circumstances running the schools may be a task full of challenges.

If the government has a plan to overcome this major challenge, the decision will bear the desired fruits. Not only Kashmir’s academic calendar will be integrated with the rest of the country, the crucial year Kashmiri students lose while going for admission outside can also be saved.

Furthermore, the illegal commercialization of education with tuition centres being run across the region and forcing students for exorbitant charges may also come to an end. When tuition centres can run in winters, why not schools. Let the government ponder and make it happen.   

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