General Rawat Continues To Play Havoc To The Democratic And Constitutional Polity Of India: Soz

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The Legitimate Desk:                                        Rawat

Srinagar: Saifuddin Soz, Former Union Minister has issued the following statement to the press, today.

“I feel sad that the well established institutions and their sphere of activities that have also been well defined in the past, have now started getting trespassed by some people who refuse to appreciate the provisions of the constitution of India, both in letter and in spirit.

To cite a case in point is the sustained rhetoric of General Rawat who feels free to comment on situations of political nature and the General’s remarks often carry implications for the society, at large.

The General tries to set a new trend that he is not bound by the Rules of Business indicated for him, in the warrant of his appointment. It has never been the case at any point of time since India’s independence.

Now, assess the implications of the General’s two recent remarks:

One, he has announced that he was going to use ‘Drones’ in Kashmir; second, he has warned Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan to, first of all, make Pakistan a Secular country and then think of talking to India.

I don’t care much on what the Modi Govt. thinks of the General and his attitude to his well defined work.

But, I feel very sad that the National Opposition is not taking any notice of the General’s Rhetoric which certainly shows India in poor light, internationally.

I feel doubly sad that Minister after Minister in the Modi Govt. have started accepting the Modi Rhetoric on issues simply because they think that the rhetoric might help them at the hustings.”

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