This Sikh Girl Donates Her Kidney To Muslim Friend

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Manjot Kour Is Setting An Example Of True Friendship                                    Sikh 

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Here comes an old saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. However, in the present times finding such friend is near impossible. 22 Year old Manjot Kour, however, proves it wrong and restores this age old faith of true friendship.

She even broke all the barriers of religion and caste and drove all the way to Srinagar where her friend Sumreen is battling for life at SKIMS due to renal failure.

The 22 year old Kour came to know about the disease of her friend through Facebook post by a common friend and decided to extend her noble gesture.

“Sumreen is battling for life at SKIMS. I have decided to donate one of my kidneys so that she can survive,” says Kour. Kour and Sumreen are friends since four years and decided to disclose in media this step after she faced certain legal hiccups in her noble gesture.

 She, however, is positive that very soon doctors treating Sumreen would agree and take her kidney to offer a new lease of life to her friend. While Kour is from Sikh religion, she is donating her kidney to a Muslim friend and proves that their friendship is above the religious beliefs.

“I am facing certain issues right now in donating my kidney. I hope the media will help me to get through and that is why I have disclosed this personal thing to media though I wanted to keep it as my personal affair,” she hopes.

Kour is facing some criticism back home where her parents seem reluctant to this gesture of their daughter.

“Off course every parent will have same reaction when their child would want to donate his or her organ. But this is something that will be fine after some time. Doctors should support me so that I can help Sumreen to recover and live her life,” she appeals.

Sumreen is undergoing the dialysis twice a month at the institute and has only a mother back home who is professionally teacher.

 Hailing from Rajouri Sumreen’s father- a tailor by profession died some years ago and now her mother who is teacher by profession is the only support for her.

 “I have some judgments to back by decision of donating a kidney by high court. In case the doctors won’t agree I will approach the Srinagar High Court to seek the legal permission,” she vows.

An honour in English from Shimla University, Kour is an activist and had lost her mother in a tragic road accident in 2016 when she was travelling to meet her in Shimla.

 “Life had become very tough after my mother died in a tragic road accident. Somehow I managed to come together and live my life again,” she says.

“Even after that Sumreen was the only person in my life who stood by me during the testing times. It is difficult for my family and other people to understand our unshakable faith in each other which convinced me to donate my kidney.”

 While the decision over her gesture is yet to come and Kour is all set to knock the doors of Srinagar High Court, she has set an example of communal harmony that the human civilizations remember for centuries.

In fact her gesture as a human being is breaking the internet with thousands of people praising her for the gesture.

 A local journalist Rameez Makhdoomi who posted her picture on his wall writes, “Manjot Singh Kohli, Sikh girl from Udhampur has decided to donate her kidney to ailing Muslim friend Samreen from Kashmir, is an inspiration for many who chose humanity, love over caste, religion affiliation or culture. May God bless you great human.”

 This is not the end in fact Kour is praised across the communities and is presented as an example of true friendship when the relations among the communities are presently witnessing strain.

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