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DEO Kishtwar suspends  teacher for violating the Model Code of Conduct    Social Media
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Kishtwar: As the news of teacher posted at GGMS Binoon who was involved in political activities was carried by Freelancer on social media portals on 30 Mar 2019 regarding the gross violation of Model Code of Conduct .  District Election Officer (DEO) Kishtwar Angrez Singh Rana today suspended a teacher namely Akhter Hussain Malik posted at GMS Binoon Zone Drabshalla for  violating Model Code of Conduct besides being unauthorisedly absent from duty.
The order issued by DEO Kishtwar reads that the photograph of said teacher was circulating on social media(Facebook/WhatsApp) which was also received from the Chief Electoral Officer of J&K and was forwarded to Tehsildar Drabshalla for enquiry and to report as well as to the Chief Education Officer Kishtwar was also directed for ascertaining the whereabouts of the said teacher. .”
The concerned inquiry officer has reported that the said teacher despite being a Govt. employee has attended the function with Dr. Shah Faisal of J&K Peoples Movement in Jammu on 30.03.2019, and He is also unauthorizedly absent from his duties from 09th of March 2019 till date while his presence in the said function tantamount to gross violation of Model Code of Conduct.
Acting tough against the gross violation of MCC, DEO Kishtwar suspended Akhter Hussain Malik Teacher, GMS Binoon Zone Drabshalla Kishtwar with immediate effect and directed that the teacher will remain attached in  Tehsildar Office Bunjwah during the period of suspension.
Further, Chief Education Officer Kishtwar has been appointed as an inquiry officer to conduct discreet inquiry regarding his unauthorized absence from the duty and presence in the function of Dr Shah Faisal at Jammu, He shall furnish the report within a period of 15 days.”
DEO further warned all the Officers/Officials not to indulge in any political activities and abide the Model Code of Conduct in letter and spirit otherwise stern action shall be initiated against those who so try to violate the Model code of conduct.

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