Surging crime against women

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A group of young boys and girls staging a protest in Jahangir Chowk Srinagar on Wednesday against the acid attack incident on a girl in downtown Srinagar demanding a severe punishment to culprits. UNI PHOTO

In a couple of weeks there have been a series of attacks on the young women. First a young woman sustained serious injuries in an acid attack in the old city and now doctors are struggling to save the woman from losing her eyesight. The incident was widely condemned by a cross section of people.

Police swung into action and arrested three accused persons involved in the attack and the charge sheet against the accused is being framed. After a few days of the acid attack there was another attack in Batamaloo when two youths forcibly entered the house with the intention of robbery and injured two young girls.

The bravery of the girls  resulted in the arrest of the accused within hours of the incident. The attacks on women and young girls in the city have left people panicked. Though officials are trying to assure citizens that culprits responsible for such incidents will be taken to task but people are worried and these incidents reflect that our social fabric is slowly breaking.

On Monday police launched women’s safety squads in the city. Police said that the crime rates have increased and from the past many days police have taken a slew of actions to help women that are welcome.

Officials said that two women’s safety squads were established with each squad having five members and this initiative will bring down crime against women and prevent crimes like the recent acid attack by acting as a deterrent.

Police said that initially two squads were launched which patrolled areas around coaching centres, schools, colleges and other vulnerable areas in the city.

These squads will also be directly in touch with administrators of the educational institutions, coaching centres for immediate action in case of any emergent requirement.

Each squad will have 5 lady police officers and personnel each. Police also has a dedicated Women’s helpline operational 24×7 exclusively for women’s safety related issues. The officials said that this squad will work in close coordination with PCR vans, jurisdictional police stations and women’s Police Station, Rambagh.

Though police have to play its role, civil society and elders of the localities have also shared the responsibilities and keep a watchful eye on the people who are waiting for opportunities to target women folk.

So people as well as administration has jointly fought this menace otherwise we will see such incidents of crime rising with each passing day.

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