Target Killings

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Family members and relatives of Kashmiri Pandit Puran Krishan Bhat were shot dead by terrorists in Shopian, giving tearful adieu to him at the last rites in Jammu on Sunday. UNI PHOTO-27U

After a brief lull, yet again the spree of target killings in Kashmir began.  In a span of some 48 hours terrorists shot dead a Kashmir Pandit in Chowdary Gund Shopian followed by two more labourers in the same district on Tuesday morning triggering a wave of panic. Hundreds of people in South Kashmir and in summer capital Srinagar protested against the innocent civilians killings. At various places in Shopian and Srinagar candle march were held in solidarity with the victims and their families. Post article 370 abrogation in 2019, the non Muslims and non locals have been the constant target and no effective mechanism was derived to stop such killings. Police and other security agencies have been engaged in hunting down culprits but that didn’t stop the spree of killings at all. Majority of those killed by terrorists have no political or any other lineage and have been busy in their day to day activities. This seems that the over confidence of these victims of their non involvement is the prime reason for falling to the bullets. This is a set warning for all the security and intelligence agencies who seem to have been failing in providing the security cover for common people. If the killings continue to happen in Kashmir in similar fashion, it is extremely dangerous. Most of the people who have either stayed back during the 1990’s or have returned over the years to resettle at their ancestral homes may be forced for another exodus. At the same time, the politicians can’t evade their responsibility. It needs political measures as well. And especially the political and their parties must be careful in choosing the words that damage the local social ethos and make these victims as easy fodder. Politics can be done on anything but the human lives. BJP shall set the precedence and engage in the politics that usher the overall development of the society. 

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