Threat to Hindu civilians is grave: Panun Kashmir

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Panun Kashmir on Saturday said that the threat to Hindu civilians particularly in Kashmir and terrorist infested areas of Jammu is grave.

“It is our considered view that GoI should brace itself up to possible escalation in Pan Islamic Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir in the near future,” Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman, Panun Kashmir flanked by other members told reporters here at a press conference at Press Club of Jammu on Saturday.

He said that Hamas Attack on Israel has the potential of galvanizing genocidal Jihadi terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The recent terrorist attacks in Kashmir and Jammu have demonstrated that Jihadi terrorism is far from having been vanquished and has actually become far more sophisticated in its military expertise,” he added.

The Panun Kashmir leader stated that underplaying or undermining the terror threat will lead to grave implications.

“Having keenly observed the ideological and strategic content of Jihad terrorism in the region of India and Pakistan we want to emphatically state that terrorists operating in this region have time and again shown no mercy for targeting civilians. In fact civilians have been the frontal target of terrorist blackmail,” said the leader.

Hevsaid that this fact makes the Hindus in Kashmir including the tourists from rest of India going there most vulnerable.

“Pan-Islamic terrorism seeks to destroy local economies and will never be contained even by the Muslim public pressures for granting immunity to local economic activity,” he said.

He added, “it is time that a wishful approach is abandoned and the hard reality that unless terrorism is destroyed at all levels normalcy will continue to remain a mirage.”

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