Andrabi’s fresh controversy

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 Waqf is yet again in news in Jammu and Kashmir. It has been in the news and controversies ever since the government appointed its new chief Darkshan Andrabi. The first ever woman to head a religious institution.

 Andrabi since her appointment to this coveted post which is politically motivated, took various reformative measures. It has not gone well down the administrative set up of Waqf board which was fully controlled and exploited by some vested interests.​

Andrabi is yet again in the news and attacked by one of the senior politicians Altaf Bukhari who heads Apni Party. The Waqf chief announced that all the muezzins and Imams in the institution run shrines will be recruited fresh as degree holders in the relevant courses.

This will shake the soil beneath the feet of so many people who have been in the helm of affairs of this institution and have made fortunes over the decades. Despite receiving crores of rupees annually as donations, the board has never shown any profit nor have maintained the shrines out of this money. Not even the charity was used for desperate and needy people which was its ultimate aim. The charity was ending at the homes of its management.

 Andrabi in the past banned everyone who in the shrines was seeking alms and donations f​rom​ the common people and taking it home. He ended the centuries old custom. This was initially criticized by some people but over the weeks and months, people appreciated this initiative as it was mere exploitation of devotees who would come to these shrines.

Altaf Bukhari this time questioned her appointment and said the one who is politically appointed can’t dictate the terms in the system. But it is unlikely that Andrabi may roll back her decision under duress. Her plans seem calculated with strong backing from New Delhi.

 She may go with her decision. It would end centuries old tradition to take out the shrines from the clutches of Khandani Raj who generation after generation take control of it. Hundreds and thousands of children studying in Madrassas with valid degrees must be recruited at these places.

 It is more about​ the competency and relevance of the subject not of lineage. Democracy encourages meritocracy and dynastic rule kills let. Let’s support the earlier and disown the latter.

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