Motorcycles To Be Banned In Vienna

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The capital of Austria and home of motorcycle brand KTM, has decided to ban motorcycles from the city centre of Vienna. The latest ban comes just after a ban on motorcycles imposed in the state of Tyrol in Austria, which has some of the most stunning roads in Europe, perfect for motorcycle rides. However, unlike the ban in Tyrol, which affects motorcycles only and not sports cars, the ban in the city centre of Vienna includes all kinds of motorised vehicles, including even electric bikes.

Local authorities in Vienna have pushed for a ‘car free’ city centre, but there has been some opposition, particularly due to the ban covering even silent and zero emissions vehicles like electric scooters and motorcycles. Across Europe, there have been more and more two-wheeler users who have switched to electric vehicles. Even electric passenger cars are being widely accepted by citizens. The move to completely ban all types of motorized vehicles seems to have not gone down very well, but local authorities do not seem to want to relent, for now. The ban also covers parking of vehicles in the city centre, unless they are listed on the exception list.

The ring road circling the city is excluded from the ruling, allowing private cars, vans and motorcycles from using that route. People living within the exclusion zone or those who have a private garage, in the vehicle-free zone and also have a parking permit, will be allowed. However, it’s not specified if this clause covers motorcycles and scooters as well.

Workers including sales representatives, and those people that work outside of normal office hours will be allowed to move freely within the zone. Commercial taxis will also be allowed into the centre of Vienna, and so will hotel guests, as long as they park their vehicles in the designated parking garage they are staying at. KTM’s headquarters in Mattighofen is just under 300 km west of Vienna, close to the border with Germany.

(Source: Visordown)

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