Nation Cannot Afford To Relent In Its War Against Terror: BJP

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Condemning the serial blasts in neighbouring Sri Lanka as blatant terror attacks, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party has said that we cannot ignore what has happened inside the territory of our Southern neighbour since the possibility of the involvement of global jihadi terror organisations cannot be ruled out in the instant case. The deadly terror attacks targeted against foreign nationals and a particular community are grim reminder of the ultimate aim of global terror organisations.
“I have always maintained that ISIS may be diminished but not finished. Though it is yet to be confirmed if these attacks are handiwork of ISIS or not. Yet terror footprints of such large scale on our southern border are a matter of concern for us,” stated Brig Gupta who is a strategic analyst as well. India has always been on the radar screen of global terror organisations but the strong anti-terror policy of the Modi Government and strong internal security measures initiated by the Home Ministry have acted as deterrence for these organisations, claimed the spokesperson.
Terrorists are known to be present in our north-western and eastern borders with one of our neighbours, Pakistan, using terrorism as an instrument of its state policy. India has conveyed its policy of zero tolerance to these terror organisations in unambiguous language through its determined preemptive actions against terrorist bases both on the western and north-eastern borders, stated Brig Gupta.
The new challenge posed by the events in Sri Lanka needs continuity in our fight against terror and strong government at the centre which is determined to defeat terror threats emanating from any side. Any type of compromise, appeasement or soft approach against terror at this stage will spell doom for the nation, warned Brig Gupta.
Bharatiya Janata Party sympathises with the victims of this dastardly attack and also offers condolences to the bereaved families. No religion advocates attack at the places of worship and those who were involved in the blasts including their masterminds are enemies of humanity, said the press release.

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