NC Flays BJP Leader’s Anti-Muslim Remarks

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Srinagar: National Conference on Saturday condemned the recent statement of a BJP functionary wherein he had allegedly asked voters to cast their ballot in favor of PM Narendra Modi if they wanted to destroy Muslims.

In a statement issued to GNS, the NC’s provincial spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while condemning the BJP statement said that what is alarming here is the fact that PM Modi, cabinet ministers and BJP functionaries haven’t censured the person for his hateful statement against Muslims.Peer

“We are hearing this kind of intimidation in broad day light by a BJP functionary addressing a public gathering in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.  The person had sordidly vowed to destroy the breed of Muslims and not just that, he has said that the party will bring machines from China to shave Muslims and convert them to Hinduism. Why is PM mute on this issue? This does not behoove his political denomination,” he said.

Imran alleged that after failing to deliver on promises, the BJP is again resorting to hate mongering and inciting communal passions. “Such distasteful communal election time rhetoric is tailored to fan communal passions and polarize the people in the run up to elections. The sheer naïve attitude of PM and other high rung leaders of BJP over this issue reveal that divisiveness and polarization is the social and the accepted policy within BJP.

“Every sane voice in India should come forward and dismiss this sort of campaign rhetoric. However this should act as an eye opener to the people of country while they make their choices for the kind of government they want to have for next five years. We have had enough of this. Our party too is spearheading the campaign against such divisive agenda of BJP and its cronies in our state with the active support of people,” he said. (GNS)

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