Old wine in new bottles

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There is something called old wine in new bottles and Kashmir is used to this process. Politically, the Union Territory has been one of the major happening places where political parties have mastered their art of selling old wine in new bottles but never serving it.  

So is happening right now even after the Union government directly controlling the region politically and having its own administrator looking after the administrative affairs.

The power crisis after anything and everything has been one of the most brewing issues for the local people. The winters prove very tough for the locals due to prolonged power cuts.

While on one side the administration blames the depleting water resources at power generation houses, it is also blaming people for power pilferage. But at the same time, the people are promised next winter will be better with no power cuts. And the story gets repeated in itself with no change in the situation.

All successive regimes have failed to address the major concern of the energy crisis in Jammu and Kashmir which has not only increased the vows of common people but hampered the economic growth. Power curtailments is one of the major reasons that investors refuse to invest in Kashmir despite the government promising them round the clock energy availability.

What has been the solution with the government no one has an answer. No one even is accountable. Jammu Kashmir is a water rich region where the national power generation companies are housed for decades to generate electricity.

But why there is darkness beneath the candle, is yet a decades old question waiting for an answer. Several overhaul infrastructural measures have already been taken. Meters have almost been installed in every part of the UT and in some parts, the smart and digital meters have been introduced to stop power pilferage.

The transmission lines have also been upgraded to reduce transmission and distribution losses. But nothing on the ground seems changed yet. As we are in the beginning of fall, the power cuts have already begun harshly.

People can gauge the magnitude of the problem in coming times. If this situation continues, not only the people may have to go through the worst power crisis this winter, the industrial sector may face a huge energy crisis. Let the government ponder over it and look for a sustainable solution to the problem.

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