Vikramaditya Wants To Gain Sympathy With Half-Baked Truths: BJP

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In a press release issued here today, Bharatiya Janata Party has taken to task Vikramaditya Singh, Congress candidate for Kathua-Udhampur-Doda constituency for misleading the people in order to gain their sympathy through half-baked truths. Contradicting his statement that “J&K is presently with India due to his family and Congress leaders like Nehru,” Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of BJP, said that while there is no doubt that accession of J&K to India was done by his grandfather, the later part of his statement is untrue. Amplifying further Brig Gupta said, “Maharaja Hari Singh wanted to join the Dominion of India much earlier than October but Jawahar Lal Nehru due to personal animosity with the Maharaja did not allow that to happen. Even on the fateful night of 26 October1947, Nehru was dithering till Patel firmly asked him to accept the Instrument of Accession. Many people have also questioned the role of his father who ditched the Maharaja in favour of Nehru.” However, Vikramaditya hides these historical facts because they do not suit him politically.
It is because of Nehru and his blind love for Sheikh Abdullah that today large part of Maharaja’s territory is under the illegal occupation of Pakistan and China. “Incidentally, the large chunks of the occupied territory were the abodes of Dogras who were forced to flee from their homes and hearths and live with the tag of ‘refugees’ in their own state,” castigated Brig Gupta. How can these people forgive Nehru & Congress?
It is not the Congress but Praja Parishad which fought for the rights of Dogras and Jammu region. Nehru with his pro-Sheikh mind-set always ignored the interests of Jammu and in fact opposed the Praja Parishad agitation that was launched for full integration of the state. More than 50 karyakartas of Praja Parishad made supreme sacrifice and about two thousand were tortured in the jails, reads the press release. The supreme sacrifice made by Dr Shyama Prasad Mookerjee was responsible for removal of permit system allowing unhindered entry of Indians into the state, emphasised Brig Gupta. All this while Congress was playing second fiddle to Kashmir-centric NC till overnight its entire leadership switched sides and became Congress and carried forward the original agenda of promoting Kashmiri hegemony with the support of Congress led governments at Centre, accused Brig Gupta.
Vikramaditya is also advised to avoid personal attacks against his opponent by questioning his roots. As far as he is concerned he has nothing of his own to publicize. Even his father who represented this constituency for thirteen long years has hardly anything spectacular to his credit. His only credential is a foreign educated, political novice who in a short span of three years has changed two parties. To boost his chances he has sought support from Kashmir-centric parties which thrive on anti-national and anti-Jammu slogans. People understand the arithmetic of this alliance and will never forgive the “Raj Kumar,” for selling the Dogra pride, predicted Brig Gupta.
(Brig Anil Gupta)

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