Zero Infiltration

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Inspector General of BSF Kashmir frontier Ashok Yadav visiting the forward areas of Kupwara, reviewing the operational preparedness on Thursday. UNI PHOTO

It has been a successful year so far with the Union Home Ministry claiming a net zero percent infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir. In the last three decades of terrorism in Kashmir, this is probably for the first time that no infiltrator has managed to sneak into the valley. The official data suggested that in 2014 in 2022, 34 in 2021, 51 in 2020, and 141 in 2019 terrorists entered into the mainland of Jammu and Kashmir.

In other words, the data suggests that not only from the political point of view, the security situation has also remarkably improved in the Union Territory.

 The peace is prevailing and the economy is stabilizing. The Union government justifies the overall improvement in security situation to its well-coordinated and multi-pronged strategy that it has effectively put into place since 2019. Over the years the Army has used the latest technology and satellite imaging to minimize chances of infiltration.

  It has eventually ensured peace in the mainland. The terror activities have abruptly stopped to a maximum level. This has been on the security front. Now the fresh challenge the security and intelligence agencies are fearing is narcotic terrorism.

 The police Chief Dilbagh Singh even termed it as a much bigger pain than terrorism if the use and flow of drugs is not stopped. He said it is even a bigger enemy than terrorism. The hawala funding has almost been stopped. The money easily flowing through various channels to Kashmir from Pakistan to keep terrorism surviving finds no routes now. Drugs has been found as an alternative to this.

 Pakistan and its spy agency ISI is trying hard to ensure drugs are smuggled into Kashmir from where it can be supplied to mainland India and the money returned can be used for terrorism. This is not only the challenge that it consumes our assets-the youth, however, its continued flow would also pose a potential threat to our national security.

So, it requires a collective effort at both security level and societal level to ensure Kashmir is drug free and borders are sealed so tight that not a single gram is pushed into from the Pakistan side. Ony that way we can secure our youth and challenge the enemies who are hell bent to keep the region disturbed. 

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