Police disperse anti-government protest at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport

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Thousands of protesters against the judicial reform of the Benjamin Netanyahu government at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport were dispersed by the police, the Israeli portal Arutz Sheva reported.

According to the report, the protest moved to the nearby city of Ramla.

Earlier, The Times of Israel newspaper reported that protesters clashed with law enforcement officers at the airport, 37 people were arrested. The protesters were arrested for disturbing the peace after overrunning barricades, blocking roads, and entering the airport’s Terminal 3, it said.

Mass protests have erupted in Israel again amid the failure of talks on judicial reform between the ruling coalition and the opposition. The Benjamin Netanyahu cabinet has announced that some controversial points in the new legislation will be repealed or revised, but the progress of the reform will continue. Opponents of changes in the country’s judicial system responded by continuing protests that have been ongoing for 26 weeks in a row.

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