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The security in Jammu and Kashmir is yet again concerning and the life of an individual is under threat especially to those who believe in the idea of India. A young soldier Tanveer Ahmad Wani of Kulgam went missing after he was frisked away and the searches and operation across the region are bearing no fruits.

The 24-year-old Wani was on leave and is presently posted at Leh. He was supposed to return to his job a day later but fate had something ill in his store. The video of his parents and other relatives weeping over his missing went viral on social media and gives goosebumps to anyone who has even little humanity in heart.  

The hand folded and hapless parents are appealing to those who kidnapped their son to return him back but so far neither he returned nor there is any clue with the law enforcing agencies. While there have been multiple such incidents in South Kashmir in the past but in recent times, this incident after a long lull is yet again raising eyebrows about the safety and security of the common person. It is undeniable fact there is a deep separatist sentiment in the South Kashmir region in a faction of society but at the same time there is a vast population who are true nationalists and many of them have joined security forces and army- agreed to serve the nation even if it costs their life.

But the separatists have dominated the region for a long time and such voices were dominated. After Article 370 abrogation in 2019, these people appeared on the scene with the promise of safety and security by the central government and hoisted the national flag wherever and whenever it was required. The peace was returning with dividends and people were appreciating it.

No hartals, no ban on internet, no stone pelting, no civilian killings, no hoisting of Pakistani flag anywhere are some crucial and undeniable facts that came along with the abrogation of Article 370 in 2019. Inimical elements to peace always wait and watch for the right turn to hit back and run. This single attempt plays a spoilsport with all the good done in the past and resets the button for a fresh beginning.

 So it is the time when the security agencies must not lower their guard. They have not only to fight the terrorists but at the same time ensure the security and safety of common people. Political leadership in Delhi needs to address this issue on priority basis and pass a strict direction to the security and intelligence agencies to ensure everyone living in Kashmir feels safe and secure.    

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