Suspicious objects safely detonated by security forces in north Kashmir

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In a swift response to a potential security threat, security forces successfully detonated three suspicious small gas cylinders found along the Handwara Baramulla highway in north Kashmir on Friday, police said

They said this morning, the road opening party (ROP) discovered three suspicious small gas cylinders concealed under some bushes, along the roadside in Ganapora, area of Kralgund Handwara in Kupwara district. The suspicious object was found approximately 100 meters

from the Ganapora crossing, leading towards Udipura.

“Recognizing the potential danger, the security forces acted promptly to assess and mitigate the threat. At around 1030 hours, the joint team of 30RR and Handwara Police safely detonated the suspicious cylinders,” a police statement said. “Subsequent examination revealed that the cylinders contained urea, a non-lethal substance. There were no injuries or reports of damage to life or property during this incident.”

Police said they are actively investigating the incident to determine the motives and those responsible for placing these cylinders in a public area.

“Security measures have been reinforced in the vicinity to ensure the safety and well-being of the local community,” they said.

The local authorities urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or

objects to the nearest Police unit to maintain the safety and security of the region.

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